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Pet Rescue Saga APK MOD v1.393.17 (Unlimited Lives/Boosters)

  • November 24, 2022
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Pet Rescue Saga APK MOD

Pet Rescue Saga APK MOD latest version for Android. This apk comes with Unlimited Lives/Boosters. Better than any Pet Rescue Saga hack. Get this game now on your Android smartphone.

App NamePet Rescue Saga
Size87 MB
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What’s new?

  • -Enjoy episodes ‘Chocolate Fountain Lane’, ‘Chocolate Cascade’ and ‘Cotton Candy Forest’! With these NEW LEVELS, there are now more than 5300 levels of fun for you to enjoy 🙂
  • -More missions, challenges, and surprises!

About Pet Rescue Saga APK MOD

On the off chance that you are an admirer of psyche games, Pet Rescue Saga is a brilliant game for you to prepare your best reflexes. The game style is charming and near kids, assisting them with shaping a development mentality and critical thinking capacity. The player’s errand is to utilize support devices to save the pets caught in the squares. Each level will have its own answer, so if it’s not too much trouble, ascertain cautiously and attempt to track down each method for addressing it.

Pet Rescue Saga


With a cautious interest in satisfied, adorable designs with remarkable riddle difficulties. You will be the one to assist the lovable creatures with getting away from the squares by settling riddles to break the squares. You should organize those squares in a flat or vertical column to break them, and the creatures will be liberated.

Each three squares of a similar variety are put close to one another, naturally detonating. Organize them intelligently and try not to mess the squares. Furthermore, you can likewise exploit enhancements like bombs to increment breaking more squares, assisting you with addressing puzzles without any problem. The result of the game screen will be assessed in view of your number of moves. Assuming your number of moves is less, the greatest number of stars for you is three stars, and the least number of stars is 1 star. You will get numerous appealing prizes when you arrive at the greatest number of stars.


You will have the amazing chance to meet an assortment of charming and interesting pets in the realm of Pet Rescue Saga. These creatures are generally extremely near the player, like felines, canines, pigs, chickens, turtles,… With each riddle, you should safeguard an alternate creature. Furthermore, as you progress further, you will have more trouble safeguarding on the grounds that the quantity of creatures additionally increments. So put forth a valiant effort to take them back to typical life.

Pet Rescue Saga


The utilization of help instruments will be advantageous when players fall into a tough spot. Five unique apparatuses relate to various players’ answers, including hammers, forceps, rockets, and inflatables. Each instrument will have a specific capacity, for example, detonating blocks or moving pets. In this way, you ought to utilize them admirably to have the option to pass the levels.


As you go through many levels, your playing experience will continuously expand, and obviously, the level of the game will likewise increment. As you progress further in Pet Rescue Saga, you will find it more straightforward to adjust to testing puzzles, and the game even permits you to replay to accomplish the most noteworthy rating for each level. The more you investigate, the more you will see the presence of numerous exceptional creatures, and the game setting will likewise change bit by bit.

Contend with FRIENDS

You can sign in to your Gmail account or other social records to have the option to follow your companions’ excursion. Any remaining players’ advancement will be freely noticeable. You can depend on the game’s list of competitors to attempt to accomplish a higher position.

The list of competitors is an incredible apparatus for players to quantify their abilities and that of their companions. The levels all require fulfillment in a specific time and need to finish the most difficult riddles. So you need to work harder to outperform your companions.


  • Eye-getting illustrations and connecting with ongoing interaction
  • The pet framework is exquisite and near the player: canine, feline, chicken, pig,…
  • Use support devices to obliterate the squares: jewels, unstable bombs, …
  • Many various levels to challenge players, giving players invigorating encounters
  • Open numerous appealing awards subsequent to stepping up

How to mod Pet Rescue Saga?

You can install Pet Rescue Saga APK MOD like a normal apk install. However, for your convenience you have below a step by step guide to install the apk file successfully on your Android smartphone.

  • Open Chrome and Download Pet Rescue Saga APK MOD file on your phone.
  • Go to Settings → Apps & notifications → Tap on see all apps → Search for Chrome and Select it.
  • Now on App info screen, tap on Advanced and select “Install unknown apps” option.
  • Toggle ON “Allow from this source” option.
  • Head over to folder where you have downloaded the apk file.
  • Tap on the Apk file to install it.
  • Once the apk is installed successfully open the Pet Rescue Saga APK MOD game.
  • If you are getting an “App not installed” error then simply check and uninstall any version of the Pet Rescue Saga APK MOD game installed on your phone.

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