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Several guides on how to get Coin Master spins daily.

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How to send gifts in CM?

Tap on the  icon displayed in the top right corner of the screen to open up the game menu. Tap on “Gifts” to open up the Gift Menu where you will be able to send and...

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General Questions

Responses for a few general questions asked by CM community My friend joined but I didnā€™t get spins Coin Master is a social game, and because of that, notifications are sent to alert the...

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How to collect the spins/coins?

How to collect the spins/coins from our website? Go to this page: Choose one of the links and click/tap on “Collect” button. Done! šŸ˜ Now just tap back button and select another link.

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Coin Master Basic Guide

Coin Master – The Spinning When you spin the slot machine costs 1 spin each time if betting x1 is on. You can select bet x1 to x3 when you have less than 200...