Download free PC Building Simulator


Do you know that moment when you close your eyes for 5 minutes after you sounded the alarm and you only wake up in 3 hours, with your phone full of notifications from work / college? That’s how I felt this increase in the popularity of games that have the name “Simulator” in their queue.

I learned about the existence of Surgeon Simulator, Goat Simulator, many years ago, but only recently have I noticed how many Simulators have been released since I chose to flee. For better or worse, many of them are interesting and funny, and among them is PC Building Simulator, which caught my attention from the first screenshots.

PC Building Simulator does exactly what its title indicates. You embark on the journey of creating a repair and assembly center. You respond to commands, you learn about the components that give life to the system and you build PCs, from those requested by customers to your own creations. And the cool part is that once assembled, you can even run 3D Mark to see how your magnum opus behaves in tests.

Download free PC Building Simulator

You have a wide range of components from the most well-known names: AMD, Corsair, Intel, NVIDIA, NZXT, Acer, MSI, you name it. There are also expansions and DLCs that take the experience even further and add even more depth and customization possibilities, so you can enjoy a title that helps you learn while having fun.

Where can you download free PC Building Simulator?

Being Thursday, that holy day of the week dedicated to those who want to expand their game libraries, PC Building Simulator is part of the free games offer on the Epic Games Store. It can be downloaded here. You have a week to get your hands on it.