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App NameDead Effect 2
Size38 MB + 1.38 GB
MOD FeaturesFull
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What’s new?

  • The nightmare isn’t over. Plunge into the dead space aboard ESS Meridian again! Darkness envelopes you. Will you be dead by daylight?
  • Looking to push the boundaries of mobile gaming to another level, Dead Effect 2 is a console-quality action sci-fi shooter with RPG elements.
  • Challenge yourself in of its enticing storyline, with tons of upgradable weapons, gear and high-tech body implants.

About Dead Effect 2 MOD APK

Dead Effect 2 MOD APK is an extremely tumultuous world. In here, you will change into a courageous fighter, boldly grasping weapons to obliterate the foe. Not every person can win on the grounds that the foes you are going to confront are horrendous looking beasts, species that initially showed up on Earth. They are disfigured, forceful, and have a great deal of unusual capacities.

Dead Effect 2 for Android

The bad dream isn’t finished. Dive into the haziness on board ESS Meridian once more!

Dead Effect 2 is the spin-off of the round of a similar name. The story rotates around bizarre occasions coming to the spaceship ESS Meridian in the hour of 2045, the ESS Meridian is en route to the planet Tau Ceti with the mission of laying out another human settlement.

On the spaceship, everything hushes up, the dim and calm space from the start of the game gives you goosebumps since you know ahead of time that something horrible is going to occur.

True to form, the vast majority of the group are in hibernation to get past the long excursion. A couple of individuals with the exceptional obligation of protecting the boat were alert. When out of the Earth’s air, into the obscure, all principles, regulations, and morals have vanished. These cognizant individuals themselves, though no one can easily explain why, went out of control to lead analyses and direct taboo exploration. They do everything, from very logical examinations to cloning, to building cyborgs…

Whatever occurs, a genuine slip-up has been made. Duplicates of the preliminaries have now transformed into zombies and freak beasts. The spaceship that was once a serene spot for an excursion has now transformed into a ridiculous war zone.

In Dead Effect 1, you play as a worker fighter on the boat, one of the groups resting in hibernation. You awaken at the exact instant the circumstance is so desperate and power to battle to the final gasp to make due among these alarming substances.

With respect to Dead Effect 2, things progress somewhat better. Earth has sent an exceptional group of fighters to look for and move toward the ESS Meridian, the objective is to find, and obliterate all remainders of the awful examinations to save the result, including the alive individuals. The boat is presently befuddled, zombies, beasts, unfamiliar articles, and, surprisingly, a couple of fortunate individuals battling for their lives. You are among them. That implies now you need to battle with those beasts as well as need to keep an eye out for each move of the oncoming unique powers group.

Ongoing interaction

The vast majority of the ongoing interaction and controls in Dead Effect 2 are held as to some degree one. The game view is as yet a first-individual viewpoint. Explore the person utilizing the emulator button on the left half of the screen. Moving your finger on the screen will perform focusing on the objectives. On the right are weapons, cautious assault gear like explosives, firearms, scopes… these things can be changed through the fundamental menu during the game.

Be that as it may, this return, dissimilar to the initial segment, Dead Effect 2 has prepared the auto-fire system for the characters. You simply have to point and as a matter of course will fire at the perfect locations, annihilate the foe rapidly. This improvement assists with decreasing a ton of exertion and time in battle.

Consequently, the beasts that were circumnavigating the boat after a time of steady hunting presently become more forceful, severe, and murderous. Also the danger coming from the other Earth likewise adds to the quicker game cadence. With all of that, on the off chance that the game doesn’t have programmed shooting, the person will be hard to make due.

Dead Effect 2 APK download

Game mode

The game has numerous rich game modes, introduced as missions. Story Mode will take you to follow the plot and uncover a progression of astonishing insider facts behind the slaughter on the boat. Conventional Missions mode will offer various smaller than usual journeys to obliterate each kind of beast that is meandering near. There are additionally Biohazard, Survival, Infestation, and Lone Wolf Missions modes. You folks just leisurely partake in each game mode individually, every one has a ton of things to investigate.


While beginning the game, you can change into one of the accompanying four characters:

  • Gunnar Davis: Heavy weapons master with have a ton of weapons fit for mass annihilation of adversaries. Assuming you need to scuffle, you ought to pick this person.
  • Jane Gray: female champion gaining practical experience in Shotguns.
  • Kay Rayner: proficient professional killer with talented scuffle abilities.
  • Xandria: a specialist on weapons particularly Plasma and Laser.

Furthermore, as per the plot, you will likewise meet other supporting characters, like Wagner: the teacher behind the trials and the reason for the fiasco. Out of disappointment, he is presently consistently prepared to give the fundamental guidelines, now and again uncovering the shortcomings of the beasts for your benefit. Danette is a gifted educator for the person, Minikin is an individual with broad information on weapons and weapon overhaul frameworks, Biekik will give guidelines on gear and protection for the person.


During the fight, each character will be outfitted with 3 weapons from one of the accompanying weapon gatherings:

  • Skirmish battle with in excess of 10 kinds of knifes, hammers, blades, sluggers, Katana swords, tomahawks, trimming tools…
  • At long reach, there are in excess of 39 kinds of crossbows, firearms including guns, shotguns, projectile launchers, rifles, automatic weapons, expert rifleman rifles, Plasma firearms, Laser weapons…
  • Dead Effect 2 is well known for more than one explanation
  • The experience isn’t just exciting and invigorating yet in addition requires players with super-hard reflexes and a super cold head. The characters are furnished with colossal weapons and strong superpowers. Simply ace the activity and you get an opportunity to win.

Yet, assuming that is the situation, Dead Effect 2 can’t be so well known. The central issue of the fight levels in this game is to mix from the RPG kind. Every fighter is partitioned by Class, through each stage will gradually foster various abilities, alongside redesigning hardware and further developing power pointers. Dead Effect 2 has in excess of 100 implantable gadgets and cautious shield, weapons that have beyond what 40 strains that can be updated over the long haul. Both invigorating shooting and long haul friendship with such a person with numerous advancement lines, obviously Dead Effect 2 is an activity name game that is so amazing.

Installation Guide

Here are the simple steps to download and install Dead Effect 2 Mod APK on android.

  • Enable Unknown Sources. Go to SettingsSecurity → and “Enable Unknown Sources” option.
  • Download the file from the download section.
  • Locate the file and install the App on your device.
  • Open the App, make all the required settings if prompted on the screen.
  • Done! Enjoy Dead Effect 2 Mod for free.

How to Install Dead Effect 2 on PC?

Though there is no standalone Dead Effect 2 App for PC, you can install this mod on your Windows and Mac PC. I will tell you how you can install it on your system.

Here are Simple Steps to Download and Install Dead Effect 2 Mod on PC for Windows and Mac.

  • Download Bluestack Emulator on your PC.
  • Install the Emulator. It will simulate an Android phone.
  • Now get the Dead Effect 2 from the links above.
  • Go to your download folder and open the .apk file.
  • It will now automatically get installed on Bluestack.
  • Open the installed apk file from Bluestack.
  • Make necessary settings if prompted on screen. Done!
  • You can use the Dead Effect 2 Mod app on the computer to create great edits.

Fix other Miscellaneous Errors

  • Check if you have granted all the permissions. To do that
  • Go to SettingsApps/All AppsDead Effect 2 App.
  • Here grant all the permissions to the App.
  • Delete any previous version of the App is installed, and also delete the storage folder file on your device.
  • You can also delete or Clear the Data and Cache of the App.
  • Turn OFF Data while using the App. Some features may not work if the App gets access to the internet.
  • Have enough internal memory & RAM space; otherwise, the device app may misbehave.
  • If the App is unable to index the media, I suggest you clear the phone’s cache in recovery mode. Google search to find how you can do that for your device.

Final Conclusion

Dead Effect 2 is a first-individual shooter with an incredibly profound storyline. There is an ideal start and end, not simply playing and shooting like numerous different games. Extraordinary illustrations, impeccably portraying the trepidation, depression, and outrageous restraints of the survivors on the boat, particularly the state of a couple of beasts without any heads, no tails, blood all around their bodies. The lighting and audio cues are exceptionally frightening. Truly, there is no jumpscare except for now and again I am as yet terrified of these awful beasts.

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