Dead by Daylight APK MOD v5.4.0012 (Full)

  • March 29, 2022
Dead by Daylight APK MOD
App NameDead by Daylight
PublisherBehaviour Interactive
Size61 MB + 3.32 GB
MOD FeaturesFull
Updated on2022-03-29
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Dead by Daylight APK MOD latest version for Android. This apk comes with all unlimited. Better than any Dead by Daylight hack. Get this game now on your Android smartphone.

What’s new?

  • Coldwind Farm Realm maps have received a visual update and been re-enabled
  • General bug fixes


  • All Unlocked


After the incredible progress of the past renditions, they chose to foster the versatile adaptation. Right now, the game is being tried in the beta form. You can download the APK document by means of the connection underneath the article. Yet, before that, let me become familiar with a few fascinating things about Dead by Daylight – one of the most well known awfulness games in the beyond couple of years.

Run or kick the bucket

It seems like unending sprinter match-ups, however truth be told, the ongoing interaction of Dead by Daylight is consolidated by many elements. The undertaking of the player is endurance, experience, tracking down strategies to bamboozle the executioner. There are five players in a match. One player is an executioner, the other four will play four lamentable casualties caught in a puzzling woods.

The executioner pursue survivors for the sole reason, kill them and take energy from human feelings of dread. The best way to escape this woods is to fix and begin five generators around the guide. They are in arbitrary positions. You really want to divert the executioner, and alongside different players search and fix the generators. Whenever every one of the generators work, the town’s entryway will open. You can escape the absolute most awful bad dream you at any point envisioned.

Prior, I acquainted you with Identity V, a “clone” adaptation of Dead by Daylight created by NetEase. You can allude to this game here.

Dead by Daylight gameplay 1024x576

Escape from death

The executioner has numerous ways of moving toward their prey. His vision may not be comparable to the survivors, however he can detect where you are. Assuming he got an individual, he would drape the casualty on holders in some dull spot. Their lives will diminish step by step for a brief time frame until they bite the dust. Different players can protect and assist them with recuperating. Notwithstanding, you want to divert the executioner if you would rather not have a similar destiny as the player who is holding tight the snare.

Four survivors can’t go after the executioner. He has prevalent weapons, power, and speed. In addition, he additionally has unique abilities like snares, stagger, and so on Obviously, running with him is an impractical notion by any means. Players can exploit snags, for example, windows, boundaries to get away. Additionally, you can utilize specific items like a spotlight to daze the executioner for a couple of moments. A human detects that assist the overcomers of the game with perceiving demise. You ought to utilize a headset while putting on an act of being dead by Daylight. At the point when the executioner draws near, the characters’ hearts will thump quicker.

Collaboration for endurance

Dead by Daylight is an internet game, meaning you will coordinate with any web-based players in a match. The capacity to impart and cooperation is vital in this game in the event that you love the job of survivor. Insights show that players who can organize well with colleagues have a higher endurance rate. The generator is fixed quicker in the event that there are many individuals. Yet, be cautious, on the grounds that the executioner can without much of a stretch catch them all assuming four players are assembled in one area.

Dead by Daylight survivors 1024x576


Assuming you love the job of an executioner, you have the chance to meet natural characters who have showed up in well known blood and gore films like The Ghost Face (Scream), The Trapper, The Pig, The Legion, The Spirit, The Nightmare, … notwithstanding the power and speed better than survivors, the executioner has different unique abilities that make the game more erratic.

For instance, The Trapper is fit for catching bears anyplace in the timberland. Assuming a player is caught by a bear trap, he can without much of a stretch take the casualty’s life. The Ghost Face can make a casualty be neurotic, briefly failing to remember his reality. Because of that, he can undoubtedly arrive at the person in question. The Clown is an executioner. He tossed the container of The Afterstick Tonic, making billows of poisonous gas, making the casualty alarm, shout, lessen vision and speed.

Also, Dead by Daylight has a ton of different characters and executioners. You can pick the person that best suits your methodology, or essentially experience the person you love. In refreshes, Behavior generally attempts to bring players another person. Try not to miss!

Dead by Daylight characters 1024x576


Dead by Daylight has exceptionally practical 3D illustrations, carrying apprehension to the player. Created with Unreal Engine 4 designs innovation, the game mimics very nitty gritty, practical items. The foundation is dim with a calm, upsetting environment, the game keenly brings players into the point of view of the characters with dismay films. You can feel dread through each breath and strides of the primary person. Since the designs are of great and goal, you ought to utilize a top of the line telephone.

How to mod Dead by Daylight?

You can install Dead by Daylight APK like a normal apk install. However, for your convenience you have below a step by step guide to install the apk file successfully on your Android smartphone.

  • Open Chrome and Download Dead by Daylight APK file on your phone.
  • Go to Settings → Apps & notifications → Tap on see all apps → Search for Chrome and Select it.
  • Now on App info screen, tap on Advanced and select “Install unknown apps” option.
  • Toggle ON “Allow from this source” option.
  • Head over to folder where you have downloaded the apk file.
  • Tap on the Apk file to install it.
  • Once the apk is installed successfully open the Dead by Daylight APK game.

If you are getting an “App not installed” error then simply check and uninstall any version of the Dead by Daylight APK game installed on your phone.


In general, Dead by Daylight is one of the games not to be missed assuming that you’re an enthusiast of motion pictures and frightfulness games. You can welcome companions, play along with the game “feline and mouse” in the style of awfulness and horrendous. Because of components of viciousness and frightfulness, the game expects you to be 17 or more seasoned.

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