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  • July 14, 2022
Latest Versionv2.1.0
DeveloperKRAFTON Inc.
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Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA APK v1.8.0 with OBB files for Android 2022. The game presented today will be Royal War, a popular genre in the gambling market, because players participate in difficult games, ie BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. The game still has a choice of many different cards, depending on your preferences. Also in this game you will enjoy interaction with many other players.

It has been a long time since the PUBG was banned in India for political consumption. Now the developers know the same thing and have released BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA APK for PUBG lovers. The name of the game PUBG has been changed to BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA and can be found in the Google Play Store. There are more than a few million Battleground players in India who have lost so much in PUBG. Now, with the advent of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA APK, you can easily play the classic specialized game Battle royale on your smartphone. For those who are interested, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

But the game has not been officially released yet and you will probably have to wait a few more days. Therefore, it is important to download the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA APK for Android and start exploring the game before its official release. Millions of players have registered for the game and the wait is quite long for all of us. Installing PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA APK is therefore the hardest thing we can do now. PUBG BGMI APK is available for download along with complete OBB data.

All you have to do is download the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA APK and OBB data to your device and install them manually to run this great game. Fortunately, you don’t have to browse the entire Internet, because we’ve solved this task for you. In this post you will find for you APK PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. All you have to do is follow the correct instructions to install the same and start playing PUBG BGMI for Android for free.


Players will enter an open world with the characteristics of a royal battle, where your other players will fight for the winner. The game also has buildings that you can explore and get the elements you think you need to fight other players. At the same time, the sheer size of the environment and its detail are also factors that every player has to survive in this game.

The game world is huge and most players spend this time researching the game. At the same time, the diversity around you is something that players should consider, because it’s not just a fighting genre, because they can hide in certain areas at the expense of other players. As if they were using everything to overcome exciting shooting scenes with other players.

Collect lots of accessories to fight

When you launch BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA APK, you find yourself on a plane and this detail is not so surprising for many players. You can look at the map to get to the place you need. This process will take some time, and after landing you will immediately find what you need, such as equipment, weapons, grenades or interesting objects that stop the blood. The first phase can therefore be the same as this.

They will continue to move as the area is allocated, which is essential in this game. Like PUBG, there is a circle that is constantly shrinking, and inside this circle is an area that you must enter to meet other players. Also, everyone knows the consequences, if you stay in this circle for too long, you will lose blood. If you enter this zone, the chances of meeting other players to confront and who wants to win will increase.

In this game you can find many types of weapons and over time you will know which weapons to choose. Therefore, everyone can feel confident if they hold the weapon firmly and match their skills. Also, if you can kill an enemy, you get items that your opponent has taken, and you can find better equipment or more support items.


When it comes to playing Battle Royale, we can’t ignore the variety of cards offered to players in this game. They can find maps with completely different functions. Each card also gives players a new feel and they take the time to figure out what’s interesting about it, especially the differences between the cards. In addition, each card has different elements of the environment that it can use.

Each card has its own character and is very large, so players must always pay attention to what is happening around them, because they do not know if their enemies are waiting in advance. That is why they always act with extreme caution and go to a new place. How studying the environment takes players time to gradually adapt to what is happening in each environment. The gaming experience can be less boring by exchanging cards.

Experience with friends

In BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, players will be able to participate in multiplayer games and you can choose the number of team members. More specifically, you can move on your own and do what you want, but sometimes problems arise when fighting other players. Also, if it’s not safe for you to meet other strong players, you can play with friends.

Playing with friends is fun because you are in danger with them. Many players can help each other and try to pass the level to get the highest score. So each game mode has its own exciting features that you can freely choose according to your needs and skills in each game. Sure, your skills will improve in many different tough matches.


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