Anno 1404 History Edition can be downloaded for free


Well, I hadn’t started compiling a backlog with the games I want to finish / replay during the winter holidays because I wake up with a gift from Ubisoft. No, not just for me, but for all of us, whether we’re interested in strategy games or just like to grow our game library without spending too much money. Today it is about Anno 1404, in History Edition format.

Anno 1404 History Edition

Well, it’s not a strategy per se, but a classic of city-building games. And the History Edition version brings the Anno 1404 to the threshold of modern standards, ie optimized and enriched with support for 4K graphics. These include the expansion of Venice, competitive multiplayer and co-op, as well as new items, quests and craft.

Anno 1404 History Edition – Where do you get it from?

Well, all from Ubisoft Connect. It’s a limited offer, ending on December 14th at 3pm. Until then, all you have to do is have a Ubisoft Connect account and navigate to the game’s dedicated page. In short, you can click here, then select the GET IT FOR FREE button.